Ways to this man’s heart

Today I rose, a sun in conjunction
with satellites in a Milky Way bed.
If I’m the sun, they’re the reasons to shine.
My atomic burning glows reflected
in a planetary constellation

of woman’s, daughter’s and terrier’s heads.
And some tidal nights, I rise like a moon
to flash the broad desert of my forehead,
waning, looking forward to setting soon.
Astronomy motion steers my passions.

Our heavenly house orbits to open,
my love. Can you imagine we are spheres
talking lip to lip, swaddled in afghans
of nebulae, wormholes and star clusters?
Even infinity’s vacuum is held.

Back in clodhoppers, your song takes my ears.
Our earth-bound heavens move my light light-years.

Daniel Ari’s forthcoming book, Keep asking, pairs poems in an original form called queron with illustrations by artists. Besides being a professional copywriter, he writes and publishes poetry and organizes poetry performances and events at home in Richmond, California, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. His blog is fightswithpoems.blogspot.com.