On Dorchester Boulevard

Because for now you are happy, puttering along beside the thoroughfare in all that taffeta and lace. The boy is a neighbour, and you’re the only girl he’ll be seen playing with. They all want to be seen playing with you. At school, they gather around where you eat lunch, try to swap for your baloney-and-mustard, giggle as you crack jokes about the teachers. T

Law & Order: Parking Enforcement Unit

Tad Michalak is a Toronto based illustrator and poster artist. His work is often rooted in absurd & grotesque takes on reality. He has been involved in a number of poster exhibitions including PROMO as part of the SummerWorks Performance Festival. His most recent zine is called “1 Of Us” and is a collection of water colour portraits.

Ice Tsunami

Margot had been waiting for a sign from God, and now the ice was coming. It unfurled over the grey horizon like a flower in expedited bloom, moving over the lake towards land. When it reached the edge of the backyard it crawled with frozen fingers over hardened earth, covering dormant grass and the tulip beds Margot had been monitoring for signs of spring. Watching…