They say that mushrooms and fungi are resilient organisms, highly resistant to stress. They have a fleshy resistance and can sprout overnight. They are practically everywhere yet easy to overlook. Merlin Sheldrake once wrote: “They are humble yet astonishingly versatile organisms, eating rock, making soil, digesting pollutants, nourishing and killing plants, surviving in space, inducing visions, producing food, making medicines, manipulating animal behavior, and influencing the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.” Read more →

A JC cento, or why does silence become a shard?

i’ve been tracing the shape of my lifeline through livestock-stalls and mud, grown foreign and faded. persistent, persistent, echoing… all the years we’ve travelled separate ways, how hungry we were! an icy lemon kakigori pride melting on my thirsty tongue. Read more →


I want a Happy Meal™️ more than I want to die
or want to begin this cycle older than Pangea

I harken to dubious placenta, again, again, promise
of rebirth has always been a marketing tool,

The winds are still like after a storm, trees
bend as I bend with them, the road sinews Read more →

An Eternity of Cupcakes

The day I join my boyfriend’s church, they assign me to a small group. This is where I meet Jessica. Jessica is either a few years older, or a few years younger. Jessica is my age. Jessica is welcoming. Jessica is nice. Every week, Jessica’s parents open their house to us—a nice, middle-class apartment, well-furnished, warm-lighting. Drinks served, circle sat, Jessica leads small group sessions from the contents of a small, black notebook given to her by the church. Her mom has one too, but Mrs. Lim leads one of the adult cell groups. The session starts with an ice-breaker—a game called Chubby Bunny. Read more →