Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Abdicates Her Throne

You bet she does.
She’s nearly 75 years old.
Do you know what her friends have been doing all these years?
The widowed ones take younger lovers.
They are on Facebook. They post memes.
They forward emails all day long. She doesn’t have time to answer emails.
She has missed so many jokes.
A day to play in the park? Luxury.
Her grandchildren grew up while she posed with shovels and bare earth.
Yoga. Her friends have taken up yoga.
Or marathons.
It’s been a staring contest with that Liz. For goodness sake, old woman.
Something has to give.
The gauntlet’s down now.
Let Willem-Alexander listen to the politicians squabble.
She’ll have wine with lunch.
How she longs not to wear a hat.

Susie Berg is the author of How to Get Over Yourself, published in 2013 by Piquant Press; and of the blog The Starbucks Poetry Project, poems written based on lines overheard at Starbucks. You can find her online at sber40.wix.com/susieberg.