Sea Life in Three Stanzas

On buses, poets flower
like anemones. I am
a preenmaker,
words mushrooming
like jellyfish, silt.
Sitting in cafés
we drink our coffee
with cream. You make me,
and in return
I sit quietly for hours.

I sit on buses
flowering words,
like silt anemones
upon return.
Jellyfish drink coffee
with cream. Sitting in cafés
you make me for hours.
Preenmaking poets
sit quietly.

mushroom words
like silt, drink coffee
with cream
while sitting on buses.
You make jellyfish flower
for hours.
In return poets,
cafés sit quietly,

Julie Mahfood has an MA in English & Creative Writing and has work in literary publications including Descant, Grain, Literary Review of Canada, CV2, Room, montreal serai, and Caribbean Writer. She is in Ȋle-Perrot, QC and recently completed her first novel.