Carol Rose GoldenEagle


It is told and retold

of how Kohkum killed a bear with a river rock

an arm like Ronnie Lancaster (that old Saskatchewan Roughrider)

she throws with precision

at Muskwa’s third eye

it is like a baby’s soft spot


That bear falls hard

as coyotes watch from the bush

then spread the word quickly


Kohkum is never stalked again while out picking berries


It is a story I tell Nichanis

my daughter

she wants to hear it again tonight


is how my five year old learns


For her

the story is as much of a medicine as the Vicks I rub on her throat tonight


My daughter wears the story like a protective shield

honours it like a jingle dress



ingested like a comfort food that turn into proud memory


Our stories flow through our strong bloodline

like a meandering river

into an ocean of courage


When she turns ten – Nichanis asks me

“Am I pretty, Nikawiy?”


I love it when she calls me her mama using Kohkum’s language

our language

it has spirit and so does she


I tell her

“No. You are not pretty
You are beautiful
in every possible way.”

I tell her she makes me proud

and say

she reminds me of Kohkum


They have the same eyes and share the same smile
genetic memory



Nichanis asks me to retell to her again

the story

about the day

Kohkum killed a bear



(*Cree: grandmother, bear, daughter)

CarolGoldeneagle Carol Rose GoldenEagle is a Saskatchewan author. Her work has been previously published using the surname of Daniels. Carol now chooses to use her Traditional name, which has more meaning to her. BEARSKIN DIARY is an award-winning novel, being chosen as the Aboriginal Literature Title for 2017 by the Periodical Marketers of Canada. It was also shortlisted for 3 Saskatchewan Book Awards in 2016. The French language translation of this novel, entitled Peau D’ours is also shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award in 2019. Her first book of poetry entitled Hiraeth was released in early 2018 (Inanna Publications). Hiraeth is shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award in 2019. Her second novel Narrows of Fear is also set to be released from Nightwood Editions. Her third novel Bone Black will also be released in Fall 2019. She is currently working on fourth novel manuscript. Carol is also an Aboriginal artist, multi-disciplined in the areas of writing, storytelling, singing/drumming & visual art.