Matthew Murphy

A Forest Walk

The two of us walk hand in hand,
By love’s spectrum bars infused,
Loving, loved, of love created,
In love did each the other choose,

And though the path we walk be rocky,
With catching roots and boulders there,
So will such effort our clasp tighten,
To easier such hardship bear,

And so shall I still meet your lips
When we pause to take our rest,
And still shall we be each other’s dreams
Beneath night’s cloak, in love undressed.

We make our way upon the path once more
In daybreak’s frosty hint of light,
Keeping kindled in our core
A glowing ember of the night.

Matthew Murphy was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, and currently lives in Montreal where he works as a writer and a teacher. His debut novel A Beckoning War (Baraka Books, 2016) has been called “the product of an amazing new talent” (Quill & Quire), and a “creditable first novel”(Margaret Atwood). @murphilinear.