Welcome Jen Ferguson: New Creative Non-Fiction Editor

blpydong2c_2vgm7gh3oq3uyoq6tmilrunfldyslxwwMy history with carte blanche is twisty, but I’m so happy with where I’ve landed.

carte blanche published a story of mine in issue 24. The next year, Brad de Roo interviewed me for the à la carte blog.

Then as a contributing editor, I’ve been lucky to work with fabulous writers like Gwen Benaway, Mehdi M. Kashani, and S.K. Ali.

Now, I’m joining the team as the new CNF Editor. I’m ready to read all your nonfiction—but I have a particular fondness for the lyric essay, the flash essay, striking memoir, non-consumptive travel writing, interviews with surprising people, critical essays that teach us something, care about language and can be appreciated by a general audience, and mixed-or-hybrid prose pieces that actively redefine what creative non-fiction can be and do.

Some of my favourite contemporary writers working in CNF: Roxane Gay, Marcos Gonsalez, Alicia Elliott, Joy Castro, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brandon TaylorIra Sukrungruang, and Kayla Whaley

Feast on these words.

Then return to carte blanche ready for more.

I’ll be here waiting to read your words, to curate your next helping of CNF, to bring you new voices, new-to-you voices, to highlight the best of Indigenous writing, English-language Québécois writers, Canadian writers, and on occasion, cater true stories from the rest of the world.

Finally, thanks to outgoing CNF editor, Gregory McCormick, for his time, dedication and energy. I’ll treat this role with compassion. This is my promise to all of you.