TRH at WordFest: Call for submissions

This Really Happened, the popular nonfiction storytelling series, is coming back to Calgary’s WordFest on October 16th.

Crime and Punishment 3 1948 2 FIX 600 2We’re looking for stories on the theme of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: stories about small offences, divine retribution, or actual felonies. We want to hear about your experiences on either side of the cookie jar; the time you shoplifted in high school, the night you spent in jail, or the challenges of disciplining your kids.

All stories are told without notes and are meant to be told in an intimate and casual way.

To submit, please send us a summary of the story you wish to tell as well as a brief description of who you are. The summaries are for selection purposes only and not intended for the audience, so don’t keep any surprises to yourself! You do not need to be a seasoned performer—you just need to have a good story to tell.

Selections lean heavily towards well-developed narrative with insight—it’s called This Really Happened because something should have happened. We also want to know: What was the story ultimately about? What is the meaning of what happened? Were the main characters transformed in any way? Stories do not need to be funny (though funny is good), but keep in mind this is for a live audience.

Stories should be a maximum of 6 minutes long.

If you are interested in telling a story, please submit your story summary by email to: TRH by August 15th, 2013.