New Photography Editor: Ruby Thélot!

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An image is a dangerous thing.
An image can grab you by the throat
An image can leave you gasping for air.
An image can make you believe things will be better.

We live in a highly visual era. Images rule our world. The age of Iconophilia. Where economy has been replaced by iconomy.

It is an honour to be the new Photography Editor for carte blanche where I’ll be selecting and curating the photographic content for the next issues.

I hope to bring forth new and thought-provoking perspectives on photography, and present pieces that push and advance the limits of the medium.

I can remember the first time an image changed my life. My first media-induced transfiguration.
Hopefully I’ll be able to induce the same in you.
After all, an image is a dangerous thing.

Ruby Thélot is an artist, editor, and curator, based in Montreal. His work has been featured in The Hague, Berlin, New York, Toronto, and Montreal. He curates an online gallery named Sometimes Gallery.