Introducing our new comics editor, Francine Yulo!

Hello cool world.

There are things you can do with words and pictures that you can’t do with just either one. It’s especially helpful when you don’t know you already have the words, or know what language they ought to be in. For that, the humble comics panel is a box that’s always been bigger on the inside. I should know. I’ve been reading and collecting comics for close to thirty years—that’s most of my life. I don’t make a lot of them anymore, but I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two. Without comics I doubt I’d have wanted to learn to read anything else. And for that, I am tritely and eternally grateful. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that I would preach the all-inclusive gospel of sequential art.

I am equal parts honoured and humbled to be joining this team as its new
Comics Editor. I look forward to working with this team, and building upon the already stellar carte blanche comics archive.

Francine Yulo cut her writing and editing teeth in Manila, where ‘zine and comix culture is alive and kicking. Throughout her life, she has lived in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai. Currently based in Montréal, she is a bookseller and translator finishing up her MA in Translation Studies at Concordia University.