The Poem is Over

The poem is over,
its day come and gone.
This announcement is
to comfort the reader,
the dying reader.
The poem is over
and its place in the scheme
of things cemented over,
its absence no longer
noticeable. Forgive the
impersonal nature of this
disclosure. It’s
important that we reach as
many people as possible.
Keep your chins up
in these latter post-poem
days. Look forward
to the next thing. The next
thing will come in a
blinding flash. We will
love the next thing
more than we ever loved
the poem. This is just.
This is the way we carry on,
when we must carry on.

Corey Mesler has published two novels, Talk and We are Billion-Year-Old-Carbon, and numerous chapbooks. He and his wife own Burke's Book Store in Memphis, Tennessee.