Summer in Muskoka

My summers in Muskoka gave me memories that cannot fade. In my childhood, we often visited a resort in the Muskokas called the Windermere House, on Lake Rosseau. I thought of it then as a kind of magical neverneverland, and I embraced my journeys there with awe and reverence.

In my adult years, I have come to understand its unworldly charm. From tranquil lakes and rocky ledges, to dazzling sunsets, the beauty still hushes me. I remember now, lying in my bed as a kid, listening to the sound of water lapping up under the dock. Looking up at the clear starry nights and hearing the rain drops on our cabin rooftop always took my fears away.

This series was photographed on a hot day in July at the Windermere House. I shot these images with expired Polaroid 108 type film. I had one pack of this film left, and I was saving it for a special occasion. I knew that when I travelled back to Muskoka in July, it would be the right time and place to use this film. This series will always hold a special place in my heart.

April-Lea Hutchinson is a photographer from Toronto, Ontario. She is an editor and art director for the international magazines Supplementaire Art & Fashion Journal and 62nd floor. Her photography and modeling can be seen in Taschen's New Erotic Photography Vol #2, Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Vol #4 among many others. She is currently working on her first self-published book, to be released Fall of 2014.