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    The line
    He is clean, as a scalpel cut.
    Every morning he wakes up early: the erecting sun is exploding his heart.
    Wearing a fur and returning to the bed, letting the sun burn him alive.
    Getting excited.
    Downloading the A.
    The long grey lines are all folded nicely in the wardrobe.

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    Morning flower (originally written in Braille)
    “I am Normal. I will take you to your dream. My love is: a sugar house near Ramla. We will have two children: one in black and one in white. Your fingers will taste of nicotine. We could smile to the soap balloons and then we would kill them. I will lick your wedding dress. You are wearing the YSL lipstick number seven. Would you wear me?”
    *Ramla is a city in central Israel.

PAIRED is composed of three parts: four paired images and a text for each. I experience frequent polar mood changes that are accompanied by an intense, extended imagination. In this work I document my states in the form of an image. Looking backwards, I use emotional links, but connect them in improper ways, thereby constructing a kind of mental mutation that is similar to the creatures of Doctor Moreau.

Aurora Ira is a UK-based Israeli contemporary artist. Her work utilizes self-portrait, video, photography and installation to explore transformations of both the artist’s and the public’s (mental) Self.