Jason Heroux

A Page from the Book of Bewilderment

In the end      the crumb      and the ant      will become

best friends      and the spoon      will return      every sip

of soup      it stole      from the bowl      the earthworm

will meet the bird      halfway      a kernel of corn      will

remember      its boiled cob     but the walnut     will never

return to its shell     the hook      will never      get along

with the fish      even though      they have nothing     against

each other      our mistakes      and our erasers     will fight

to the death.

Jason Heroux lives in Kingston and is the author of Hard Work Cheering Up Sad Machines (2016), Memoirs of an Alias (2004), Emergency Hallelujah (2008), Good Evening, Central Laundromat (2010), Natural Capital (2012) and We Wish You a Happy Killday (2014). His work has appeared in magazines and journals in Canada, the U.S., Belgium, France and Italy and has been translated into French, Italian and Arabic. @jason_heroux