This issue’s theme on Visibility/Invisibility manifests in the poetry section through acts of attention, introspection, and entropy. In both commanding and haunting language, they demonstrate what exceeds boundaries, whether through the threshold of the body, pain, the human form, or vision. Through their work, these poets intimately structure the relationship between perceiving and visibility, where such relationship is not always unilateral. Perspective and perception lie at the foundation of (in)visibility but as the use of repetition reveals, reiteration can both make visible and invisible. The invisible is always haunting the visible, as is the visible the invisible. Bodily and psychic norms are tested in this continuous haunting with its small impressions outlasting.

Many thanks to the editors of carte blanche for giving me this opportunity to guest edit.

– Carolin Huang, guest editor

I was so impressed with Carolin’s cohesive and inspiring vision for this issue. Sometimes people just need to be given the keys to the car so they can take you where you need to go. Thank you so much for your perspective, Carolin.

– Marcela Huerta, Poetry Editor

CarolinHuang-240x207Carolin Huang is a writer, archivist, and academic living in Montreal. In 2019, she participated in the Banff Centre Emerging Writers Intensive and the Jack Kerouac Summer Writing Program.