Sharon Goodier

Love’s Dialectic

Come with me, love, we will
go together into this dark night

Roads are slick with ice and we
are the perfect storm

If summer had a knife I’d have cut
a slice to warm us in this winter

Today there was a 24-car crash
on the highway to heaven

It is the heart that sees essentials
The survivors are buried in quilts

We must enter the tunnel before
we can find the light at the end

No one said this would be easy
a rose garden is full of thorns

I want you to love
the pilgrim soul in me

Your face changes like the seasons
but a rose is a rose with thorns

Something there is that does not like
a storm – that wants it over

By the time you hear the thunder
the lightening has already struck

Raindrops are falling on my head
I did not make this bed so why
should I lie in it

Hope is the light that shines
on a rose, in the night, on your head

In your face I see the catacombs
where love’s martyrs lie buried

My pilgrim soul hangs on a thorn
It is a love of contradictions

We will walk together
into the thorny ruby light

turn our mourning to dancing
shed guilt for gladness

reap a harvest
nourished by tears

Sharon Goodier is an emerging poet from Toronto. In 1975 she published her chapbook, Primal Elegies, with Missing Link Press and became an associate member of The League of Canadian Poets in 1980. Her work has appeared in 11th Transmission, Dove Tales Nature Anthology, and New Legends Anthology. Her chapbook of social justice poetry, A Stone in My Shoe, was self-published in 2014. Sharon is currently working on a collection dealing with the emotional and physical effects of PTSD.