Manahil Bandukwala

I do not want to be the first to say goodnight

but if I didn’t say good

night now I’d spend

all night telling you


about the dog

playing frisbee at the park. It was fluffy

and bad at catching


before we sleep:


I show you my new spider plant. together we give it a name

this is a love poem


the cat jumped on your lap. you pet her for a full five minutes

this is a love poem


here’s a new song you want to learn tomorrow

it is a love song


I find love poems


from my texts


[new photo] breakfast today was scrambled eggs and chili


three dragonflies hovered around me in the park and the grass stained my jeans


here is a poem I would like to read you tonight


[emoji of a sun setting over a city skyline]


settle between my legs and rest your head over my heart

I would like to hear your body read


Manahil Bandukwala is a Pakistani writer and artist settled in Canada. Her most recent project, Reth aur Reghistan, is an exploration of Pakistani folklore interpreted through poetry and sculpture, carried out with her sister, Nimra Bandukwala. See more at sculpturalstorytelling.com. She is Coordinating Editor for Arc Poetry Magazine, and Digital Content Editor for Canthius. See recent work in the Malahat Review, CV2, the Fiddlehead, Augur, and other places. She is a member of VII, an Ottawa-based writing collective. @bandukwali on Instagram. @manaaaahil on Twitter.