from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

1) In it the overseas people code people’s head searched for the nile people’s code despite the burying of the desert strict justice.

2) One wishes that Tehuti, [the strengthened heads of the moon], will remain not forgotten but supported, and a fresh soft cycle of people of mixed blood should be made kings.

3) The eye that quakes and raises the will, and the fortune, is completely lost, the quake row passes the eye, and the quake then shakes.

4) The war of debt shocks Joseph but does not search the eye, it quakes, thus a round of war for debts,

5) and the quake at the right time of the drunk head when completed they were high eyed, then the quake, added the really small people’s purpose shaken.

6) Protect and Give one kind add the strengthened heads sayings and thinkings the overseas people are willing clearly within shaken and are willing to

7) cut the tumors necessary to reduce inflaming quakes, to save the effort for the sake of the moon star which controls quakes, takes and makes

8) eye then quake accurate one suffocated praise craving peoples purpose within to be protected, joined by my portion of the strengthened heads, and shows that with the special shape all are willing to chase out Deshert [Lower Egypt].

9) My people need to be squeezed and it is accurate to say, all are begging for a quake, willing to purpose accurate one people of mine despite the desert strict justice,

10) the Strict justice once forgotten the oversea people once left forgot to support, invited a beating of mine and beating complete public head should bleed scold should sail punish until they started to hate.

11) twice the widened energy twice twisted away energy twice drained one people the people sweet heart should be completed suing is willing, the purpose ends twist people will body.

12) one people related that poor people perhaps pulled water sailed most twisted it will body sweetheart people perhaps practice through.

13) specialize sayings not overseas people full but is willing to be high and carve remains for my pubic sound already hated by all, but completed center got made home don’t live within.

14) the wide language people air moved; trillions died once completed widely known and public but to rise was necessary and to live within it because the sayings of the overseas head was weakened, high get used to not understanding language and the old lord.

15)once complete language from high to low tongue all widely understood, but once complete language recorded ghost widely known to only entered peoples. The enclosed fire city inconvenient high and clear that the lore is mine.

16) And when full made overseas lords dizzy so their head forgets support feels people drowned saying complete trillions die, trillions die, feels trillions die completed.

17) related that they got used to not leaving, staying old and lord once completed high and other reduced purposes that includes completed land divided and remaining people married lord.

18) people raise raise water without the same language necessary to coordinate the inflation most desert eye that commander of my people were counting on.

19) the line of language pictures from changing the deaf quake split my women, chased them away from the full quakes the species believes in the eyes that the desert strengthened debt and the species moved completely related already [in previous plates].

20) within the old mountain is high pressure living within for people. it is made known widely the language of one entered people the enclosed hot city is the complete eye that hangs installed

21) the language of the round ship and trillions died then, living within without it loosened to stop losing language, love pictures my public sign, suffocated the welcome language get used to not understanding.

22) Leaving the sacred, scold after lord suddenly debt and species made completed related that suppressed sound picture all sacred language one entered people round boat.

23) and deserving to forget language

Tara Cronin is an artist working in various mediums focusing on alternative photographic methods, works on paper, installation and book-arts. She has pursued an art career that has both helped her solve problems in her own internal space as well as in the space she finds herself situated externally. Tara received a BA in Writing from New School University, and an MFA in Photography from Bard College and the ICP-Bard Program, and has Twice-earned the ICP Director’s Fellowship Award.