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Earth at my back,
Empress in my veins.
The soil reclaims me, eating mother’s life.
When we are most afraid, we long to hear the pulse of earth below us, inside us, beyond us.
Quiet sensuous lover who nourishes our organs, bones, and hearts.
Singing a bloodsong loud.

What is it to be a woman, to be afraid and courageous?
To long for the womb you came from, and to create from the womb you have?
Cover me in earth and leave me here: listening, waiting, creating.

Katy has always dreamed of the sea whether she was snuggled in her cabin on a year long sailing adventure or just gazing at the horizon from her home on a small island off of Vancouver. After much travelling she has decided to settle for a while and is making art in SFU’s visual art program.