wind is the flow of gasses on a large scale (wikipedia)

yesterday: wind picked up when the storm blew
north from the tropics. humid air, musty quality.
summer left in a dark room too long until green
lightning throws rot out born from churned
ignition. burst of heat leaves us cold. last night:
everyone wearing sweaters with their shorts
again. return to production and nighttime
drinking at home. Read more →

the drive-up microphone at burger king

the body’s in the back. we order
short fries, small fork, an extra credit card

machine. we are a machine. the body’s now our front-
seat driver, driving backward into— Read more →

Two Poems

When Farmer Yon says “people have died,
you must breathe,” it is 4 am
on a rooftop in Lahore. My hand is as numb
as an ice-carved statue and I’m
looking at the stars because just like my
ancestors, I still don’t know their names. Read more →

Who Gives Us the Permission to Exist?

Dear God, if only you knew the sound
coming out of my mouth
was pleasure not pain, if only, Read more →