Resilience: Resistance Blog Series


Honoured to be announcing our Resilience: Resistance Blog Series 

curated by Avleen K. Mokha 



The Resilience: Resistance Blog series, curated by poet Avleen K. Mokha will feature 5 posts authored by BIPOC artists on the theme of resilience and resistance from their perspectives and lived experiences. 

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of the carte blanche editorial team, the QWF, or its Board of Directors.



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The Series 



In our notion of diversity, does truth have a place, or do we make our decisions to spare from discomfort those who do not want to come to terms with the legacy of injustice in their own communities? 

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What 18-year-old me did not know is that ultimately, there is nothing you can quite fully escape, nothing you can quite fully repress or run away from; one day or another, the ghosts living inside of you start rattling the bones of your present self, demanding that you listen to them and to their grief.

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For the third piece in the carte blanche blog series featuring BIPOC artists, we interviewed Tawhida Tanya Evanson, an Antiguan-Québecoise artist based in Montreal. Tawhida has published two poetry collections. Her first work of fiction, Book of Wings, is out this year from Véhicule Press. The following questions center around the topics of resilience and resistance.

The fourth piece in our resilience: resistance Blog series is by poet and musician Brandon Wint in a stunning soundscape connected to memory, healing, empowerment, and Wint’s relationship to his Mother and her joy.

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