• Klara du Plessis, editor
  • Chalsley Taylor, art director and managing editor
  • Cason Sharpe, web and social media coordinator
Editorial board
  • Bronwyn Averett, fiction
  • Greg Santos, poetry
  • Nicola Danby, translation
  • Gregory McCormick, creative nonfiction
  • Georgia Webber, graphic fiction
  • Chalsley Taylor, photography
Contributing editors
  • Brad de Roo
  • Cristal Duhaime
  • Leonard Epp
  • Jenny Ferguson
  • Patrick McDonagh
  • Laurence Miall
  • Rohan Quinby
Past editor, co-founder
  • Maria Schamis Turner

Many thanks to our former co-editor, Ben Spencer; previous managing editors, Vanessa Muri, Erin O’Connell, Leila Marshy, Alexandra Paisan, and Angela Murphy; translation editor Rhonda Mullins; fiction editors Joni Dufour and Neale McDevitt; poetry editor, Patrick McDonagh; and graphic fiction editors, Matthew Forsythe and Salgood Sam, for their hard work on previous editions of carte blanche.

Editorial intern, Fall 2011, Lyra Hilliard

Founding members of the site are: Sandy Wolofsky, Jennifer Zakutney, Barbara Rudnicka, Claire Helman, Mary Lynn Deachman, Elise Moser, Rhonda Mullins, and Maria Schamis Turner.