Klara du Plessis in Conversation with Erin Robinsong

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carte blanche Editor-in-Chief Klara du Plessis recently spoke to Erin Robinsong, author of Rag Cosmology, which won the 2017 A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry. Among other things, Klara and Erin discuss ecological literature, the landscapes that have informed Erin’s practice, and the connection between dance and poetry.

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Cookie Logic


I don’t remember the year, but we were drinking sherry. Violet, Cookie and I. Life is just the waiting in between the two or three interesting things that will happen to you. We were teenagers, waiting.

Cookie said, “My father has a liquor closet as big as a hot air balloon.”

We looked at each other. That changed everything.

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Three poems from Alphabet de soleils

Dallas Gilberte H


Let’s catapult the conchoidal colocynth
Let’s catapult the choephori of the coliddors of the tifth
and the mitten cruncher, the tomcat cruncher, crunchers of sheep
note cruncher, crunch-in-your-mouth and in arms and in deaths.
Let’s catapult the lynx and the oriole’s cochineal mantilla
let’s catapult the mango
and the mongoose, shoo!
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The Sea Exists

Photo by Tim Marshall

The sea. The sea. The sea exists. The sea exists symbolically.

As symbol the sea exists to stand for what’s radically unknown and unknowably radical. The sea exists as wide and deep expanse to plunge in into for forever, to never return from, or to return from as turned up, transformed, limp and salt sparkling, shore thing washed ashore for mourning. The sea exists as non-place, as space, as glimmering surface face to slide over incased in a craft skimming along on this surface only lonely for the next place.

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