Summer in Muskoka


In my adult years, I have come to understand its unworldly charm. From tranquil lakes and rocky ledges, to dazzling sunsets, the beauty still hushes me. I remember now, lying in my bed as a kid, listening to the sound of water lapping up under the dock.

Photographs from Sifikile

Portrait of a Young Man by Bethlehem Matomane

South African photojournalist Victor Matom has taught youth in Soweto photography for over 25 years. As a boy, Matom used to sneak into whites-only book stores to learn all he  [More…]

Philippe – Crisis

Philippe – Crisis

When I think about crisis, I think about Philippe, my son. Philippe is an energetic 9-year-old boy, always singing, very curious, crazy about sports and candy, and always wanting more out of life. He is happy, most of the time. He is like any other 9-year-old boy, except that he has Cystic Fibrosis, a degenerative disease that affects the lungs and pancreas.