I do not want to be the first to say goodnight

but if I didn’t say good
night now I’d spend
all night telling you

about the dog
playing frisbee at the park. It was fluffy
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No Ideas

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Inside Out

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Circumnavigating Rikers

We set off in the canoe around noon, at the mouth of a filthy creek in Queens, intent on circumnavigating Rikers Island, the largest prison complex in North America. It was an act of protest, a symbolic gesture, an allegorical feat, whatever you want to call it, but also an attempt, in a physical way, to get a grasp on what we were up against. We wanted to see the beast from all sides, to complete a loop, to call it a drawing, and to gesture toward the tens of thousands of souls locked inside—to see if it was even possible. Read more →

Broken Windows

Only when there’s no room left to paint will the painting become a room. Read more →

What’s Left Behind

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