2014 3Macs carte blanche Prize Finalists

Finalists 2014

Congratulations to the finalists for the 2014 3Macs carte blanche Prize!

The winner will be announced at the QWF Gala on Tuesday, November 18th, at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre, 2490 Notre-Dame West.

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Top Ten Spooky Soundtracks

Duhaime Cristal

Sound design in film is often overlooked. In part, this is because good sound design doesn’t announce itself the way a flashy visual sequence might–in fact, when it’s done right, we barely notice the sound at all. It can quietly manipulate while we attribute all the heavy-lifting to the visuals: “I saw a great film last night.”

TRH Presents “My Big Mistake” at WordFest 2014


Want to know what mistakes writers Ivan Coyote, Meags Fitzgerald, Arun Lakra, Mark Lavorato, and Michael Robotham have made? Join This Really Happened on October 18th at WordFest 2014 at the Banff Centre for an evening of stories on screw-ups, snafus, and blunders.

QWF Writes: Why I Teach Brand-New CanLit by Natalee Caple


In the beginning my desire to write was about me. It was about trying to see who I could be, what I might be good at and where I might find a community to belong to. Now, being a writer, being a parent and being a professor are all part of participating fully in the culture that sustains me. I feel that there is no better way to demonstrate how varied and valuable I think Canadian culture is than to devote my life to producing, promoting and teaching CanLit.

Come celebrate with us!


We will be launching Issue 22 of carte blanche and celebrating our 10th anniversary at Drawn & Quarterly on Wednesday, October 29th from 7 – 9 pm. Join us for wine, cake, and readings by Mark Paterson, Gillian Sze, Duggan Cayer, Sarah Mangle, Martyn Bryant, Larissa Andrusyshyn, Elaine Kalman Naves, and Ohara Hale.

carte blanche/CNFC creative nonfiction contest


We’re doing it again! carte blanche and the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society (CNFC) have teamed up to bring you a Canada-wide creative nonfiction contest sponsored by the University of King’s College.The winner will receive $750 and her/his text will be published in carte blanche. The winner will be announced in April 2015 at the CNFC 11th Annual Conference in Victoria, B.C.

My Big Mistake: We Want Your Stories


Deadline extended to September 30th!
We’re looking for stories on the theme of My Big Mistake. Tell us about the screw-ups, snafus, and blunders that changed your life: the boyfriend you broke up with who was really “the One,” the friendship test you got completely wrong, or the time you misplaced the decimal point with catastrophic consequences.