Grow Up, Pedro

by Daniel Von Appen

Colored blocks on the floor. Childrens’ voices rising and falling. Alphabet posters on the walls. The boy is stimulated by all this newness. He marvels at Rebecca’s platinum blonde hair, the blue of David’s eyes, the pigmentation of Abigail’s skin. These are not the children of his neighborhood. Read more →

from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

CROP 184dead

1) In it the overseas people code people’s head searched for the nile people’s code despite the burying of the desert strict justice.
2) One wishes that Tehuti, [the strengthened heads of the moon], will remain not forgotten but supported, and a fresh soft cycle of people of mixed blood should be made kings.Read more →

from Tracking Animal (a survival + the tracker’s marginalia)

This poem comes after Jacques Derrida’s essay L’Animal que donc je suis (Paris: Éditions Galilée, 2006), while “the tracker’s marginalia” is imagined and glossed from The Oxyrhynchus papyri by Bernard Pyne Grenfell & Arthur Surridge Hunt (London Egypt Exploration Society, 1898), a lengthy exegesis of, among other texts, a fragment of Sophocles’s play Ichneutae (The Trackers). Read more →

Wild Geese Flying West

by Yolanda Sun

It’s 3:30 p.m. and the fidgety Korean nine-year-old girl across the desk is telling me that when she grows older she wants to wash dishes because she likes the task. The next second, she tells me she doesn’t like school because her teacher is mean. She tells me this every week. Her English is just like any other young Canadian kid’s, marked by the occasional extra third-person s on first person verbs and things like ‘boughten’ and ‘goed’. Read more →