Holy Treasures

by Jenelle Ball

The bags are thrown willy-nilly onto the balcony. They’re too heavy for me to lift, let alone for a pair of octogenarians who were supposed to throw them to the corner, days ago. But tonight, the issue of ageing and its abasements, of how the elderly are left to fend for themselves, is secondary to the search for an heirloom pie plate and acorn-shaped candleholders.

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by adrian pelletier

This is trouble, and it is going to end badly, was one of the last things that rolled through the noggin. She had gone there, to the land where there was nobody, in order to clear her mind. It’s a common thing, she had thought then, in books and films, and perhaps in real life.Read more →

Waits for No One

by Charles Forerunner

No one at Waits seems to be able to articulate exactly what Waits does. Responses vary between, “We’re a solutions developer” to “government contracts,” to “consulting.” This in itself isn’t surprising. All positions at Waits are specialized, all employees are experts in a thin slice of the grand design.

“We’re all specialists,” Barbara says.
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