When I lean my head against the window of the school bus, I feel the vibrations buzzing my nostrils. The ultimate test is to resist rubbing my nose. No one has my self-control. Tickle me and I won’t even flinch. I’m a force of nature. Read more →


Engines are roaring on the freeways and streets,
while dawn’s haze makes halos around street lights.

That time, when bad dreams from late-night pizzas
swarm from the bellies of sleeping teenagers.
Red LEDs from their chargers and iPhones,
stare like small bleary eyes into the gloom;
the spirit flickers in weak imitation.
The morning air is thick with dissipation,
And some weary of acting, and others of whoring. Read more →

Selected poems from Hochelagurls

she was born with a dorsal malformation
worse than spina bifida

it’s all the fault of Ingres
who painted her with three extra vertebrae

the risk of falling is constant
she gets around with a cane
the fucking unthinkable pain
only solution:
Dilaudid three times a day and Beefeater Gin
like a redneck from Asbestos Read more →


I hope to be absolved.
I’m making a place for myself in the gutter.
All images exist.
I shed sizes and formats.
I cry over empty holes.
I’m ashamed from above.
My body quivers.
I’ve envied death.
There are colours for the months.
The yellow ones worry me.
At night, I embrace my knot. Read more →

Sleepless Night

Then came the time for essential questions. Children are always the ones who ask them. The ones adults leave unanswered, claiming there is no answer. Except sometimes philosophers, scientists, poets. Who are bereft like the very littlest. Who reach about the same conclusions—the same lack of conclusion—as they do. Read more →


Freighter blue on Adriatic! Hi!
Blue cranes on the edge  blue tongues of girls
behind the glass, tongue out, ick! whatever
girl swimmers laugh, flexible as
In swimming flexibility is key
swim = slip, glide, fly, embrace on
the run, go off, grow up