I hope to be absolved.
I’m making a place for myself in the gutter.
All images exist.
I shed sizes and formats.
I cry over empty holes.
I’m ashamed from above.
My body quivers.
I’ve envied death.
There are colours for the months.
The yellow ones worry me.
At night, I embrace my knot. Read more →

Sleepless Night

By Matt Hoffman

Then came the time for essential questions. Children are always the ones who ask them. The ones adults leave unanswered, claiming there is no answer. Except sometimes philosophers, scientists, poets. Who are bereft like the very littlest. Who reach about the same conclusions—the same lack of conclusion—as they do. Read more →


Freighter blue on Adriatic! Hi!
Blue cranes on the edge  blue tongues of girls
behind the glass, tongue out, ick! whatever
girl swimmers laugh, flexible as
In swimming flexibility is key
swim = slip, glide, fly, embrace on
the run, go off, grow up

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo

“You’re late,” Madame McKinnon said for the third time, tugging on the left sleeve of her dress.
She appeared quite content to stay in her armchair. In fact, it appeared to be her favourite pastime – pulling her sleeves and telling people they were late.
“You’re awfully late,” she repeated.
“Yes, Madame, I do apologize, it’s because of the bus, as I said…”
I want to be somewhere else, Marie Bilodeau thought feverishly. Read more →

from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

CROP 184dead

1) In it the overseas people code people’s head searched for the nile people’s code despite the burying of the desert strict justice.
2) One wishes that Tehuti, [the strengthened heads of the moon], will remain not forgotten but supported, and a fresh soft cycle of people of mixed blood should be made kings.Read more →