My (Your) Home Movie

Of the films you never made during les années des plomb
my favourite is Territoire de L’instant (Land of the Moment).

After your funeral, I use the video camera you used to document my dance recitals
to film a horizon cracked in two. Read more →

I Feel So Uneasy About

I feel so uneasy about the wind, my dress & the thighs poking from it, my hunger, how I look from behind, the sounds my shoes make even on carpet & carpeting, strangers, old friends, the stench of wilting flowers, cobblestone, the bars on city benches so that persons experiencing homelessness are unable to rest on them, rest, America, America, having children someday & childbirth, not having children someday & loneliness…


This concrete pastoral poem is a rift. This rift is in fact a river. The image was a collaboration between myself (Kaie Kellough), Laura Toma, and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo at LOKI design. It involved imposing text onto a mapped image of Alberta’s Bow River (which runs through the city of Calgary, where I grew up), then digitally abstracting the river-mapped letterforms.

Submarine Reflection

Rasiqra Revulva is a queer femme writer, multi-media artist, editor, musician, performer, and friend to cats. She is currently developing her debut chapbook of poetry and glitch art, “Cephalopography” (words(on)pages press, 2016), into a full-length collection acquired by Wolsak and Wynn’s Buckrider Books imprint for publication in spring of 2020.