The Ones in White


I’m sober and think about how drunk drivers usually survive this type of shit because their bodies don’t tense / realize I’m not scared of dying / death by car accident is easier to say than suicide for mothers and fathers and friends left behind / and it was an accident / a litter sister or a dog in the passenger’s seat would be soup / I take a minute with my hands at 10 and 2 and my eyes on the chunk of ditch hanging from the rearview mirror / a minute in case I find a bone sticking out of denim
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daynadanger title card_heroarticle-03-03-03

“Danger presents a series of photographs featuring Indigenous models wearing black leather BDSM fetish masks adorned with rows upon rows of black matte and glossy beads. One mask prominently featured a labrys, a symbol associated with lesbian feminism or radical feminism. Danger produced the masks with the help of Indigenous relations from among her community. Hours of painstaking care and love were put into the masks, just as would be put into any beading project. The image of beading entire masks of leather evokes the literal blood, sweat, and tears integrated into the work itself.” (Quoted from Lindsay Nixon)

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Your Motherland, Not Your Home

The View From My Window

My grandmother, turned towards the television screen, and my grandfather reading “the yellow press,” as he jokingly called it. I often made them uncomfortable with my “Western” opinions.

I wore slippers indoors in stiflingly hot weather, got traditional songs stuck in my head, dressed fancy to the theatre, and slept below ten Russian Orthodox icons hung on the wall peering at me. Read more →

Nord Pour Tous

Mont-Wright Mine

The project to exploit Quebec’s northern riches is a relatively recent phenomenon. Given the vicissitudes of this process, it seemed pertinent to reexamine the changes in the landscape. In Fermont, a town located in northern Quebec, mining companies have shaped the landscape into a panorama of exploitation, both of northern natural resources and of workforces. These photographs illustrate one of the most extensive opencast mines in North America, the iron mine of Mont-Wright, the hydro-electric dam, Manic 5, the workers’ camps, and the provincial 389 North road.

Summer in Muskoka


In my adult years, I have come to understand its unworldly charm. From tranquil lakes and rocky ledges, to dazzling sunsets, the beauty still hushes me. I remember now, lying in my bed as a kid, listening to the sound of water lapping up under the dock.

Photographs from Sifikile

Portrait of a Young Man by Bethlehem Matomane

South African photojournalist Victor Matom has taught youth in Soweto photography for over 25 years. As a boy, Matom used to sneak into whites-only book stores to learn all he  [More…]