An introductory note from carte blanche’s new editor!

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As a rule when writing, I avoid the obvious in the first line, but today the excitement is impatient and uncontainable: I am so very pleased and honoured to accept the editorship of carte blanche, to work with the fantastic current masthead, to sustain and refine an established journal that publishes pivotal contemporary voices—George Elliott Clarke, Madeleine Thien, Heather O’Neill, Gwen Benaway, Kayla Czaga, Domenica Martinello, Meags Fitzgerald, among many others—and to engage as a community of writers and artists centered in Montreal and spiraling out throughout Quebec, Canada, and North America.

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“It will be interesting to see what happens if enough of the current general feeling of disgust turns to anger” — an interview with Alex Good

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“The problem is that we’re living in a moment of cultural contraction and I don’t think there’s much we can do about that. That might seem like a strange thing to say given the billions of words and images published on the Internet every day, but my sense is that the Internet isn’t helping but is actually making things worse.”

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CanLit: It’s Time for the “No Contact” Rule


Being asked to write about the status of Canadian Literature feels very similar to when an ex lover asks you out for coffee. You know nothing good will come from it and can anticipate the entire conversation, but you still show up looking cute and hoping that therapy has finally fixed them. At least, that’s how talking about Canadian Literature feels to me. I’ve been there, had the group therapy, learned to love myself for myself, and have deleted CanLit’s contact information from my phone.

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carte blanche is looking for a new editor


carte blanche, founded in 2004, is the official online magazine of the Quebec Writers’ Federation. We are celebrating over 12 years of promoting poetry, creative nonfiction, comics, translation, photography, fiction, and literary commentary from Quebec, Canada, and around the world.

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Why I loved editing a small Canadian online magazine, and why I’m leaving


I am shortly going to be leaving the team in my official capacity as editor. I do so with mixed feelings. Once upon a time, I honestly felt I could tackle any amount of work that was thrown at me. The days seemed elastic. I could stretch them at either end, conjuring up just enough minutes or hours to always get things done. But I don’t feel that way anymore. I am trying to figure out how big each relative part of me is, and how to accommodate them all within a finite body.

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Reading and writing: just a means of escape from the anxiety-inducing present?


The first job I ever had in the Montreal region was at a company called Bath Fitter, aka Bain Magique, up beyond Laval in a town called Saint Eustache. As I listened to the explanation of the pension benefits that I was entitled to, a repeat of conversations I’d had with prior employers in Edmonton, it dawned on me: I’ve never cared about this conversation, I still don’t care, and I actually feel it’s OK to not care, because I have very little faith that, by the time my retirement rolls around, the world that we know – mortgages, insurance plans, “financial security” etc. – will exist.

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Lesley Trites, Larissa Andrusyshyn and André Simoneau are the finalists for the 2016 3Macs carte blanche Prize


We’re delighted to share with you the names of the three finalists of the 2016 3Macs carte blanche Prize, as selected by juror, Nick Mount, who is the author of When Canadian Literature Moved to New York and is a professor of English at the University of Toronto. The big winner will be announced at the Quebec Writers’ Federation Gala on November 22 and will lay their hands on a cash prize and a most amazing trophy–originally handcrafted by Glen LeMesurier.

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Flash fiction, Detroit River, and bunnyhugs: An Interview with Jenny Ferguson, Author of Border Markers


Jenny Ferguson is a Canadian writer, editor, and teacher from many places. Her debut book, Border Markers (NeWest Press), a collection of interrelated flash fictions, was released this September. Brad de Roo chatted with her about the ambiguity of genres, the ubiquity of ghosts, and the reorienting power of flash. “Flash-or-micro fiction, as genre,” Jenny said, “likes to end on a turn, or a moment that asks the reader to re-evaluate what s/he has read.”

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It’s time to enter the CNFC/carte blanche creative nonfiction competition!


We’re doing it again! carte blanche and the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society (CNFC) have teamed up to bring you a Canada-wide creative nonfiction contest sponsored by the University of King’s College. The winner will receive $750 and her/his text will be published in carte blanche.

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carte blanche seeks a new Fiction Editor

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carte blanche welcomes applications for the position of Fiction Editor to contribute to our ongoing growth and development. Based in Montreal, our primarily online publication is the official magazine of the Quebec Writers’ Federation. While this position is not salaried, it pays a modest honorarium annually.