Announcing Madeleine Thien as the Judge of the 2018 3Macs carte blanche Prize

Madeleine Thien, photo credit Rawi Hage

We’re delighted to announce that the finalists of this year’s 3Macs Prize will be selected by novelist Madeleine Thien. The winner will be announced at the Quebec Writers’ Federation Gala in November 2018.

“I don’t see us transforming into robots”: Kevin Chong in conversation with Sarah Richards

The Plague_cover pic

I have wanted to reboot a classic story for a while now. The appeal is that there’s a built-in story and the gravitas of an enduring work. The downside is that you might not get the same credit, or that your version of the classic is only superficially reimagined. I liked that the original gave me a basic structure that freed me up to think about the characters in the story.

The Spark and Echo Prizes, Or How Funding and Amplification Can [Maybe?] Fix #CanLit: Rahim Ladha In Conversation with Jenny Ferguson


We can achieve so many positive & progressive actions, if the people who have the means to do something were at the very least, sympathetic to some of the things we’re discussing here. I don’t want to be one of those people who talks a lot about change but it’s never reflected in their actions. That’s one of the reasons these awards exist—it’s a conscious decision to try and set some kind of example.

QWF Writes: Copyright, What’s the Big Deal?


I’m always surprised to see blank stares on writers’ faces when I launch into a speech about copyright. Some of them aren’t clear why copyright really matters. Others aren’t sure what copyright even is. Fair enough—it’s not the sexiest topic in the writing world. But even if you don’t notice it, it’s fundamental to our business.

On Covered Mouths

by Brandon Lopez

I told someone a story because I knew they would spread it. Stories were told to me with the same intent. Between women in Canlit, these circulated narratives are often about men in the community. Charming abusers. Tenured predators. Shitty men with track records of repeated shittiness. Let’s be explicit: women don’t take joy from these stories, in being the orator or the audience.

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Welcome Jen Ferguson: New Creative Non-Fiction Editor


I’m joining the team as the new CNF Editor. I’m ready to read all your nonfiction—but I have a particular fondness for the lyric essay, the flash essay, striking memoir, non-consumptive travel writing, interviews with surprising people, critical essays that teach us something, care about language and can be appreciated by a general audience, and mixed-or-hybrid prose pieces that actively redefine what creative non-fiction can be and do.

Paige Cooper In Conversation with Brad de Roo


Paige Cooper’s stories have appeared in a number of excellent journals and have been anthologized in The Journey Prize Stories and Best Canadian Stories. Her debut collection Zolitude was published by Biblioasis this past February. Hailing from Canmore, based in Montreal, and traveling widely in person and on the page, Paige creates fictional worlds that resist easy categorization or resolution. Brad de Roo spoke with her about narrative corruption, artistic tourism, short story form, and ‘the splashy chaos of reality.’
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