3Macs Prize

The 3Macs carte blanche Prize is awarded once a year in recognition of an outstanding submission by a Quebec writer or translator. The 3Macs carte blanche Prize is sponsored by 3Macs, a division of Raymond James. Thanks to Mark Gallop for being the founding sponsor of the prize.

This year, the 2020 3Macs carte blanche Prize finalists will be determined by the editors of carte blanche. The winner and runner-ups will be announced at the QWF Literary Awards Gala on November 4, 2020.

The winner will receive a cash prize and a unique trophy “The Lori” created by Montreal artist Glen LeMesurier.

Past winners of the 3Macs carte blanche Prize:

2020 – It’s a Slow Ride, by Alexei Perry Cox
Jurors: Greg Santos (Editor-in-Chief) and Zoe Shaw (Managing Editor)

2019 – Aquanauts, by Eliza Robertson
Juror: Alessandra Naccarato

2018 – loss of (her)self, by Alisha Dukelow
Juror: Madeleine Thien

2017 – FERRANTE IN THE CELLAR: A Vulgar Appreciation, by Domenica Martinello
Juror: Liz Howard

2016 – Rabbits With Red Eyes, by Lesley Trites
Juror: Nick Mount

2015 – Self-Serve, by Deborah VanSlet
Juror: Kathleen Winter

2014 – It’s Late, Doctor Schweizter, by Didier Leclair, translated by Elaine Kennedy and Sheryl Curtis published in Issue 20.
Juror: Lisa Moore

2013 – Bluefooted by Juliet Waters
Juror: Nina Bunjevac

2012 – Aria by Heather Davis
Juror: Kevin Chong

2011 – Like This Together by Gillian Sze
Juror: Joseph Salvatore
2011 Finalists

2010 – Something Important and Delicate by Mark Paterson
Juror: Neil Smith
Finalists: Picnic by Sarah Gilbert and Letters Out by Finn Clarke

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    2014 Lori

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